BusinessLine autostart

BusinessLine double socket (type 2) | Autostart

Article no.InputOutputSecurity
B1162-00202 x 3,7 kW (1F-16A)2 x 3,7 kW
B1162-01201 x 7,4 kW (1F-32A)2 x 3,7 kW2 x RCD type A / 2 x MCB
B1322-00202 x 7,4 kW (1F-32A2 x 7,4 kW
B3162-00202 x 11 kW (3F-16A)2 x 11 kW
B3162-01201 x 22 kW (3F-32A)2 x 11 kW2 x RCD type A / 2 x MCB
B3322-00202 x 22 kW (3F-32A)2 x 22 kW
16A stations with internal security can be fed by a single power line.

BusinessLine single socket (type 2) | Autostart

Article no.InputOutput
B1161-00203,7 kW (1F-16A)3,7 kW
B1321-00207,4 kW (1F-32A)7,4 kW
B3161-002011 kW (3F-16A)11 kW
B3321-002022 kW (3F-32A22 kW
NB: Installation costs are not included into the prices


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