Charging subscriptions

With an online subscription to our charging management software BackOffice, you will have access to
real-time insight on your charging session and charging costs. In addition, the BackOffice provides
automatic updates of your charging station’s firmware, and keeps track of your station’s performance to
provide you with instant technical service if necessary. Each charging session can be started and stopped
with a personal Charge Card or Key Fob.

HOME – for private use

  • Automatic tracking of your
    charging costs for your
    employer’s or business’
    administration. After a one-time
    registration, no further actions
    are required.
  • Real-time insight to charging
    status and user update via
  • Smart Charging:
    Regulates each charging stations
    electricity consumption to match
    the buildings available capacity,
    and prevents overloading of the
  • 24/7 online support for questions
    and malfunction reports
  • Free firmware updates

BUSINESS – for staff and guest use

  • All advantages of HOME plus:
  • Online management and
    configuration of your charging
  • Automatic reimbursement of
    charging costs for guests and
  • Customize charging costs of the
    electricity tariff**
  • Smart Charging: Load Balancing*
    and Hub Satellite configuration
  • Push-notifications of your
    charging statuses

ENTERPRISE – for commercial use

  • All advantages of BUSINESS plus:
  • Unrestricted customization of
    charging fees for your guests and
  • Customizable start rate or time
    rate per charging session**


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