Cable Assembly specification:
Rated Temperature: 60℃ or 75℃
Shielded twisted pairs: 4P+F+Mylar+D+AL
Impedance: 100±15% at 1~250MHz
Reference standard: YD/T1019-2001, ISO/IEC11801, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568B, UL 444
Print Legend: CM or CMR

ConductorInsulationCore NumberFillerDrainShieldedJacket
AWGSpecification (mm)MaterialThickness (NOM.mm)MaterialThickness (NOM.mm)OD    (NOM.mm)
261/0.404HD-PE0.204PPE Cross1/0.404TCAL/MylarPVC/LSNH0.606.0
7/0.16HD-PE0.204PPE Cross7/0.16TCAL/MylarPVC/LSNH0.606.0
241/0.58HD-PE0.204PPE Cross1/0.511TCAL/MylarPVC/LSNH0.607.0
1/0.58HD-PE0.204PPE Thin slice1/0.511TCAL/MylarPVC/LSNH0.606.5
7/0.203HD-PE0.204PPE Cross7/0.203TCAL/MylarPVC/LSNH0.606.8
7/0.203HD-PE0.204PPE Thin slice7/0.203TCAL/MylarPVC/LSNH0.606.2


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