Basics: Basic model includes a type 2 socket or an attached cable.
Material: Shock-proof and fire-proof polycarbonate.


Dimensions: 490 x 310 x 170 mm
Covers (RAL color): Selection of 6 colors
Specifications: kWh meter (MID), RFID Reader, UMTS modem & SIM card

Standard Covers
Article no.
717042 (RAL 7042, Light grey)
717016 (RAL 7016, Dark grey)
719016 (RAL 9016, White)

The online model is equipped with a modem, kWh meter, RFID reader and UMTS controller & SIM card. The charging station is online and the firmware can be upgraded remotely for better customer experience.

Possibilities with online subscriptions
√ Online insights into energy usage
√ LED ring dimmable or via time switch
√ Usage tracking


HomeLine with socket (type 2)

Article no.InputOutput

HomeLine with 6 meter attached cable | Hub


Article no.InputOutputCable
H1160-500611P-16A3,7kWType 1
H1160-500621P-16A3,7kWType 2
H1320-500621P-32A7,4kWType 2
H3160-500623P-16A11kWType 2
H3320-500623P-32A22kWType 2


HomeLine with 8 meter attached cable | Hub

Article no.InputOutputCable
H1160-500811P-16A3,7kWType 1
H1160-500821P-16A3,7kWType 2
H1320-500821P-32A7,4kWType 2
H3160-500823P-16A11kWType 2
H3320-500823P-32A22kWType 2


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